Caterpillar Tutorial pt 2

For those that are going quickly here's part 2
Sorry for some of the foggy bits, I was in a zone and forgot to keep what I was doing on the sponge Andrew did a fantastic job of trying to follow me around :o)) What it is to have a partner with patience LOL

There are some added pictures below of the head at different angles to help you out... You don't have to add a mouth as I have if you don't wish to... but give it a go on a spare head just to get a feel for it :o))

Note I did add a little more shape on the sides of the mouth to add a smile..

I haven't used a smaller needle as this point I really don't think I'm going to need to... But that could change.. If your using real wool I would strongly suggest that you do to remove some of the bigger holes made by the courser needle.

Next part will be adding eyes, nose, hair and whatever else I may think he needs LOL


Day 2

Well guys it was a busy day yesterday not only did I get the first and second parts to the tutorial done (second part coming) but I also got these done.. Toothbrush needles for toothbrush rugs.

One of the girls on our CRAFT yahoo group posted a link to making these rugs and well I had to make the needles since our toothbrushes no longer come with holes in them!! So I made them from Polymer clay, painted them with Genesis heat set paints then covered them in liquid clay to seal all the paint .. I really like how they turned out though they didn't photograph as well as they should ... Link to see what and how to make toothbrush rugs

Front view.

Back view.


Caterpillar Tutoral Part 1

Okay :o)) Finally have it sorted and here's the first lesson for making your own Caterpillar!! I tell you it was a learning curve getting the right format and size to upload.. I edited plenty of pictures but this is the very first video LOL

Firstly here's a picture of the tools needed... I'm using a 34 gauge needle, it's great for those courser wools such as corriedale or as I'm using some craft fiber that not even real wool!! Thought I'd give it a go and see if it felts well and I'm pleased to say yes it does :o)) Right going off a bit so back to tools... needle for felting, good thick sponge to work on, your wool of choice and some plasters just in case :o))

Next Step is below in Video format so you can see exactly how I form a felted ball... I hope you can see it clearly and understand my ramblings... Just about the whole caterpillar will be made from ball so you want to make a good number of them...I've done 12 balls in various sizes 3 small ones, 3 medium, 6 larger and the biggest of the larger ones I used for the head. Don't make them all the same size will be boring if you do.. different sizes will give him/her more Character.

Okay when you have all the balls felted lay them out and rearrange them until you like what you see... make sure to have a small ball for the neck and a couple for his can have him/her either with an arched back or a straight back...

Hope you enjoy and any questions just shout... LOL

Next will be the Head and Face... :o))


Day 1

Well after much procrastination I've finally done something about getting my blog up and running LOL

I'm Sharon Hawkes formally of Mystical Bears ... I decided a while back that I needed a change in name as I was doing more and more Dolls and other crafty stuff so Mystical Bears didn't fit any born was House of Pugish...slightly pompous but also fun I thought LMAO

I'm hoping this blog will be a fun place for everybody and maybe have a spot of learning as well! If you have other techniques you use don't be shy and comment... Goodness knows we never stop learning:o))

I will be adding a tutorial for needle felting a very cute caterpillar this week (hopefully tomorrow) it will be step by step as I make him/her, so visit regularly so you don't miss out...I will also have some auctions from time to time of what ever I happen to make ... I don't use ebay anylonger as the fee's have just gotten to be astronomical and quite frankly I want my customers to get the best bargin they can!!

If you have any requests be sure to ask me :o))