1st post for 09

Hi everyone :o)) ...sorry I've been slack in posting ...been doing this and that including recently trying to stop smoking!! Well that isn't going so well but I haven't given up on the idea of quitting and will do it!!

Okay besides that I've been playing with making my own bjd dolls... I made one last year for my good friend Sharon nz ...and decided to give it another go! This girl is much bigger than the first and is a challenge as I've never sculpted anything as big...she'll be nearly 20" when done!!

It's a real puzzle as each piece has to fit and move within the other pieces ...so more trial and error at present...

Here's some pics so far :o))

I ended up cutting her neck off and re doing it as I didn't like the angle... also I added a ball to the top of the heck that sits in a cup inside the head...works wonderfully!!

Here's something else I've almost finished lately... he's a polymer dragon and will sit in the hands of his friend...only needs his wings :o))

Well thanks for dropping by... I will have more pics as the bjd comes along :o))