Long time no craft!

Well guys I thought I'd share with you what I've been doing over my holiday break. This is a wee bjd doll I finally cast in resin... being the first there were certainly some learning curves! And I also found how easy it was to carve and sand so this girl turned out very differently from the original wee doll I molded!
I blushed and did her face in pastel chalk which wasn't as hard as I imagined but still came with some problems!

The first face up was just what I wanted but until I held her in natural light I didn't see some smudges that had been there under one of the sealer coats! So being me I thought maybe a light wet sand would remove them... well yes as you can imagine I had temporarily lost my brain and tried it!!! Long story short do not make the same mistake... I then ended up having to remove all the face up which unto itself was very very difficult and a lot of it wouldn't move in the creases!!!!! So redid the face up and after taking pictures I can see where  need to go over some colours... but over all I'm thrilled with her :o)) ... so just need to do the touch up and blush her hands, stick on the back of her head and give her some hair and clothes :o))))))

Hope you like....

Ps will take some cuter pics later as these are terrible and don't do her justice!