Unicorn lesson 1

Well guys here is lesson 1 ...thanks for being patent :o))... I got a cheap camera and well what can I say ... you get what you pay for...so excuse the pictures some are a little blurry so I will do my best to explain them as we go!

So here I've traced out my pattern pieces onto some calico (muslin for you guys in the US) and I've taken some really cheap white glue and run a line over the pencil lines... smear this in so you don't have any lumps when it dries... I've done this as it stops the fraying of the material while your handling it and having seams pop open!

Next we cut out the pieces we will need which are the sides and the inner side pieces as below and sew them together only around the inside of the legs, tummy (not the back or front of the legs) using a small stitch on your sewing machine and a 1/4 seam... Use the edge of your sewing machine foot for a guide.

Sew both sides as above making sure not to sew those outer legs as yet!
Once you've done that we'll join both sides so place your 2 pieces like I have here and fold the neck and body down away from the curved line of the half body piece and pin together as I have in the next shot.

Sew along this curve... again a small stitch setting with a 1/4 seam.

Here's what we should have at this point :o))

Next we'll sew up the outer sides of the legs....just to the point of the inserts points on his rear end. The front is the same but when you sew the second leg closed you will pass the point of the insert and sew to the top of the neck opening... leave the neck open where the head will sit in that curve!

Rump insert... This is one of those places I'll hand sew ... it easier to do so for me... If you'd prefer to machine sew and are confident of doing so then you can do that... I just hate having to unpick and I find I will 99% of the time have to end up doing so ...so I hand sew LOL
Right back to the rump insert... place the fatter point of the leaf shape toward the point of the body insert and tack in place with a stitch... continue to tack this piece in place up both sides till you get to the front point... tack both sides to this point... you could use pins if you want but I like to tack with a stitches... once you have it tacked in place hand stitch together properly with a blanket stitch then a straight stitch ...yes sew it twice as extra strength is always a good thing!
Sew top of neck closed at this point too leaving the curved part at the front open!


Right the Head.... it's pretty easy ... even though some will say Gusset Yuck LOL
Take one half of the head and starting just under the chin bump at A sew the insert gusset from this point around head to B and you should finish just before where you started ...

The other side of the head is done in just the same manner only this time leave a bit open as indictaed in the next picture for turning.

Right so after all that your almost ready to turn your pieces... but before we do that just whip stitch the bottom of the hooves closed to make turning the legs just a tiny bit easier... okay turning can be tricky and the smaller your doing your horse the trickier it will be ...so have patience ... I have done this one smaller than my originals so I actually had to use a doll needle to help in turning them!!

Once turned stuff ...remember to stuff the legs firmly we do want his to stand!!...don't attach the head yet ...
Right that's all for today ... Next part will be up tomorrow...any questions email me :o))


  1. SweetErGallery said...
    Am following along. Do you have a pattern for a unicorn too?
    Sharon's Place said...
    Hey there :o))... great that your following along ! The pattern is the same for the unicorn as for the pegasus just the wings versus the horn is the only difference... I will be showing how I do both wings and horn so you will be able to do either or both :o))
    Sharon 2
    Diana said...
    Wow way cool Sharon, wish I had time too make one, will save info for in the New Year, really great of you to do this for us crafters, thank you.
    Hugs, Diana

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