Long time no craft!

Well guys I thought I'd share with you what I've been doing over my holiday break. This is a wee bjd doll I finally cast in resin... being the first there were certainly some learning curves! And I also found how easy it was to carve and sand so this girl turned out very differently from the original wee doll I molded!
I blushed and did her face in pastel chalk which wasn't as hard as I imagined but still came with some problems!

The first face up was just what I wanted but until I held her in natural light I didn't see some smudges that had been there under one of the sealer coats! So being me I thought maybe a light wet sand would remove them... well yes as you can imagine I had temporarily lost my brain and tried it!!! Long story short do not make the same mistake... I then ended up having to remove all the face up which unto itself was very very difficult and a lot of it wouldn't move in the creases!!!!! So redid the face up and after taking pictures I can see where  need to go over some colours... but over all I'm thrilled with her :o)) ... so just need to do the touch up and blush her hands, stick on the back of her head and give her some hair and clothes :o))))))

Hope you like....

Ps will take some cuter pics later as these are terrible and don't do her justice!

Hey Guys found this great auction place yesterday ... so excited by the prices stuff was going for I had to sign up LOL. They have loads of electronics like Dyson vacuums,  laptops, iphones, ipads, and more... even some girly stuff like handbags and perfume! Its called Planet Bid and if you haven't checked it out you have to! Theres a Planetbid in the US , Oz, and even here in little old NZ just click the countries to go have a look you will be very surprised if you've not already found it.
How it works, well it pretty simple you buy "freebids" which gives you a certain amount of bids to use... you have to be careful though as you can go crazy and use a few too many but hey you have to get your feet wet and try to get a feel for the auction :o))...since everyone is paying for bids thats how they are able to let stuff go for very very little money! Was up till very late last night waiting for a macbook pro to count down safe to say I blinked and missed the end of it.. (next time I shall use toothpicks to make sure I don't blink LOL)..really amazed me as that mac went for 54c nzd!!!!!!!This place is so much Fun even if you dont join up you still have fun just watching!!!LMAO
There are other ways of getting freebids like bidding on them ... or if like me your just starting out and want some free freebids then write up a blog poat like I have here send them the link and they will slip you a few freebie freebids...Planetbid also offer a points program where you earn points for bidding that you can spend.

Lastly if anyone does join up and have the inclination could you pop my user in as ref when you sign up so I can get some more freebie freebids  my user id is Shawkes :o))

here's the sculpt so far

Well guys I thought I'd post up pics of that sculpt I was doing for my interview... sad to say things didn't quite go to plan in the last firing ... safe to say in my hurry I forgot that you do not fire your sculpt standing as when the clay starts to heat it becomes like rubber ...so the weight of the upper body made her lean and she suffered broken legs... well I super glued them the next morning and well that didn't take as well as it should ...so will have to dig out the broken area and fill with new clay... then I will have to readjust the bottom of her stand so she's not leaning painfully off balance... unfortunately the interview is today so not going to happen... still wondering if I should take her anyway...apart from the firing problems she's still a good sculpt!
Well here's some pics :o))

Well guys I got a new Camera today and just love it to bits... boy does it take fantastic pictures :o)) 
And yep you guessed it I had to post some LOL
This is the camera here... it's a panasonic fz35... isn't she a beauty :o))

these ones I took in the garden as I really wanted to see how the colours came out and was also testing the macro...

These ones are of my half finished Dragon feltie ... he has a lot of tweaking to go yet ... need to straighten up his eyes!

These ones are ones you've already seen but just wanted to show them in a better light so to speak LOL

Next is the flowers I made from Khris Tut ...link can be found in last post :o)) Yes Khris there had to be purple in there LOL

Lastly is the sculpt I'm doing at the present to come along to my interview... I'm applying for a position is this semesters class for a Cert of design and visual Arts ... wish me luck ..thats happening on Tues! Told Andrew I wasn't nervous as I should feel right at home as they will no doubt be as weird as I am LMAO


what I've been up too...

 Have I complained lately about how much I hate my camera! Well consider it a reminder LOL
Okay well this week I've been doing some felting and have almost finished this guy ...he needs a book yet and am thinking about adding in a couple of friends on either side... sorry for the pictures he so deserved better!


I've also decided to save up some money and get some silicone and resin and try my hand at molding and casting that BJD doll of mine... I'm hoping it wont be a flop but we have to try these things :o))
Today I decided to get out the polymer clay and do some sculpting ...I haven't played with polymer in so long and I just had to try out a tut I found on the net ... they are spoon dolls ...if you want to take a peek here's the link :o)) if you click on the Tut link on that page you'll see the step by step instructions... 
Here's my guy ... I think he's going to be a jester ... 
now here what happens if you don't clean your tile before you put your sculpt on for cooking... Yesterday I had used that tile to make Mr Dragons wings on and I had been a bit messy with the glue and had forgotten about it ... so I will have to cut off his ears and re do them then dig out the burn on the neck and re fill!

How cool are these!

Well girls just had to share this every cool wee creation from a couple of talented girls from our yahoo CRAFT group.. these are so cute and so simple and easy to make and would look absolutely perfect as embellishments .. I could see a few felties that would look great perched on there maybe even a picnic LOL anyway have a looks see at the link and save it :o))
Link to Khris's blog and the Tut... http://www.sewprimkhris.blogspot.com/

Bjd doll

Righty well after taking her apart and taking away that nasty leather I popped in white felt instead ... so re strung her then thought I'd attack the knee joints in hopes of her being able to stand... I drilled 2 holes through the upper and lower parts of the joints then inserted a brass bar, so each section of leg is individually threaded hoping for a tighter joint ...also I popped in a brass bar across her hips in hopes of making the top of the legs more stable for standing... strung her up again but unfortunately she is going to be a sitting, laying or kneeling doll... she is just too heavy to stand ...I guess this happens often with ooak dolls made from heavy paperclay... am hoping to try doing some resin ones in the future so they being lighter shouldn't have the same problems!
Well I did buy her a nice wig from ebay last week and it arrived yesterday so this morning I have restrung her for the last time and have put the back of her head back on, got her wig on and have styled it with wee pigtails :o)) I'm thrilled with how she looks even though disappointed she'll not stand!

Well here's some pics... so wish my camera took better pics but it doesn't...