Planet Bid an auction place I found!!!

Hey Guys found this great auction place yesterday ... so excited by the prices stuff was going for I had to sign up LOL. They have loads of electronics like Dyson vacuums,  laptops, iphones, ipads, and more... even some girly stuff like handbags and perfume! Its called Planet Bid and if you haven't checked it out you have to! Theres a Planetbid in the US , Oz, and even here in little old NZ just click the countries to go have a look you will be very surprised if you've not already found it.
How it works, well it pretty simple you buy "freebids" which gives you a certain amount of bids to use... you have to be careful though as you can go crazy and use a few too many but hey you have to get your feet wet and try to get a feel for the auction :o))...since everyone is paying for bids thats how they are able to let stuff go for very very little money! Was up till very late last night waiting for a macbook pro to count down safe to say I blinked and missed the end of it.. (next time I shall use toothpicks to make sure I don't blink LOL)..really amazed me as that mac went for 54c nzd!!!!!!!This place is so much Fun even if you dont join up you still have fun just watching!!!LMAO
There are other ways of getting freebids like bidding on them ... or if like me your just starting out and want some free freebids then write up a blog poat like I have here send them the link and they will slip you a few freebie freebids...Planetbid also offer a points program where you earn points for bidding that you can spend.

Lastly if anyone does join up and have the inclination could you pop my user in as ref when you sign up so I can get some more freebie freebids  my user id is Shawkes :o))


  1. Helen said...
    Do yoo know that its a scam? :P They have like robots and stuff to make the price go higher... or at least i think, i've tried a thousand times to win and i never have XD Btw i had 200 bids, iknow yeh should be enough to win a least on thing.
    Lookie here:

    This is the list of safe penny auction site... i dont c planet bid! LOL
    Sharon's Place said...
    Thanks Helen :o))... must say was a fun place to visit but did grow old very fast... did use my free bids to have a go but unfortunately wasn't very lucky LOL Wouldn't surprise me in the least if they have robots as even some ebay members up the bidding like that also!

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