Well a few months back our CRAFT group held a Christmas in July swap and we had to make of buy small gifts for our partners corresponding to each letter in the word Christmas and it was so much fun and amazingly difficult with some letters LOL

Well today I got my parcel from my partner Pam and boy did she spoil me ... I just love love love love everything thank you Pam :o))

I just had to show a pic of all the stuff and the list of corresponding letters ...so here they are :o))

C: Charm Pack...which I didn't get in the pic...was so in too much of a hurry!!
H: Handbag ... so gorgeous and so well sewn!!
R: Rita Raggs ... Just a real patriot cutie and all mine LOL!!
I: Indigo pouch... Love it will wear this one tomorrow :o))
S: Stash bags ... love bags and esp ooak ones just stunning :o))
T: Tote ... Oh I needed another tote so will go everywhere!!
M: Mini Quilt ... oh boy I just really fell head over heals for this one just no words here except I love it so much!!!!!!
A: Art thingy ...LOL she's going in my car!!
S: Scarf necklace ...that will get some use for sure with all this cold around and my fav colour too :o))

Well I really feel so spoiled thanks again Pam ... and if anyone wants to see what else Pam gets up to click on her name to have a nosy at her blog!!

Bjd doll face update

Well guys and girls I finished sculpting the face and just had to paint it just to see if I liked it and yep I'm pleased with it so made a quick mold of it which I thought was going to be a gonner since I realised after pouring the plaster I hadn't sprayed it with mold release !!! But it came out fine Phew!!! ... So I've been sanding and drilling the joints today ... haven't gotten any pics as yet but they are ready to have the limbs worked around them... I do however have pics of the face all painted ... Didn't have any eyes so made them with clay them painted... takes away from the look but they will do until I order some :o))

Looks a bit better with hair LOL