Well guys I got a new Camera today and just love it to bits... boy does it take fantastic pictures :o)) 
And yep you guessed it I had to post some LOL
This is the camera here... it's a panasonic fz35... isn't she a beauty :o))

these ones I took in the garden as I really wanted to see how the colours came out and was also testing the macro...

These ones are of my half finished Dragon feltie ... he has a lot of tweaking to go yet ... need to straighten up his eyes!

These ones are ones you've already seen but just wanted to show them in a better light so to speak LOL

Next is the flowers I made from Khris Tut ...link can be found in last post :o)) Yes Khris there had to be purple in there LOL

Lastly is the sculpt I'm doing at the present to come along to my interview... I'm applying for a position is this semesters class for a Cert of design and visual Arts ... wish me luck ..thats happening on Tues! Told Andrew I wasn't nervous as I should feel right at home as they will no doubt be as weird as I am LMAO