Bjd doll

Righty well after taking her apart and taking away that nasty leather I popped in white felt instead ... so re strung her then thought I'd attack the knee joints in hopes of her being able to stand... I drilled 2 holes through the upper and lower parts of the joints then inserted a brass bar, so each section of leg is individually threaded hoping for a tighter joint ...also I popped in a brass bar across her hips in hopes of making the top of the legs more stable for standing... strung her up again but unfortunately she is going to be a sitting, laying or kneeling doll... she is just too heavy to stand ...I guess this happens often with ooak dolls made from heavy paperclay... am hoping to try doing some resin ones in the future so they being lighter shouldn't have the same problems!
Well I did buy her a nice wig from ebay last week and it arrived yesterday so this morning I have restrung her for the last time and have put the back of her head back on, got her wig on and have styled it with wee pigtails :o)) I'm thrilled with how she looks even though disappointed she'll not stand!

Well here's some pics... so wish my camera took better pics but it doesn't...