Pay it Forward "SIGN UP NOW"

Alrighty I signed up for this over at Naomi's so I also pinched her post to make things easier LOL Sorry Naomi! So read below to see how it works and sign up :o))

So, here's the info about the P.I.F......Below are the rules, and just as soon as I work out how to put it on here, the button to copy and put on your blog, will also be here, somewhere! Come and join the fun.
Here are the Pay It Forward Exhange "rules".. The first three people will be chosen to participate once they leave a comment on this post asking to join the Pay It Forward Exchange..By asking to join, they are agreeing to post a similar announcement on their blog, and Pay It Forward to three more people, who will in turn agree to Pay It Forward etc. So what does it mean?

Naomi is going to send me and her other participants one handmade item sometime in the next 12 months.....I, in turn, will send one handmade item to each of the three participants who signed up via my blog, within the next 12 months..You, in turn, will send one handmade item to each of your participants, and so on.

Great Movie if you haven't seen it it's well worth a watch!!

My Pay It Forwards are:


Sharon 2

P.S. Edited to add the button for your blog

Another post

Well I've started another BJD doll.. she'll be much smaller than the last one but this time I'm trying for a younger looking girl doll... here's how she looks so far ... still a lot of sanding to do but she's not too bad for symmetry so far and I've always had problems with getting the mouth right on my sculpts and I think I've finally got it right...well right being I like it LOL

Stay tuned for more updates ...

Well guys I went to the mail box yesterday and I found a super surprise from Naomi a friend in our CRAFT group... Aren't they so cool! I just love them ... put them on last night and oh wow they are warm and soooooo comfy and what can I say my absolute fav colours too! I can see they will be my fav foot accessory LOL
Thanks Naomi you are such a gem thinking of me when you saw these!

new doll on ebay

Well guys I finally got myself organised and have listed one of my wee Flutter Fae's ... The original wee one was designed and made for the doll net cloth doll non baby challenge and she won second place! Well making a long story shorter I made up a couple more since the original flutter Fae was spoken for and one has been gifted and the last can be seen here ...

If you have time take a looksee she is a cutie ...even if I'm just a little biased LOL