Another post

Well I've started another BJD doll.. she'll be much smaller than the last one but this time I'm trying for a younger looking girl doll... here's how she looks so far ... still a lot of sanding to do but she's not too bad for symmetry so far and I've always had problems with getting the mouth right on my sculpts and I think I've finally got it right...well right being I like it LOL

Stay tuned for more updates ...


  1. Beeshebags said...
    Oooh how exciting.....can't wait to see her when she's (she is a she isn't she? lol) she going to be gothicky looking like the bigger one?

    creativedawn said...
    Yes, that is exciting! looking forward to your progress! Thank you again are truly a wonderful, remember I have proof! lol
    Sharon-NZ said...
    very exciting you clever duck

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