Finally Posting!!

Well guys I've been very busy lately with more than one thing as usual LOL
I'm feeling very proud this week as I managed to give up smoking... boy was that the hardest thing I've ever had to do!!!

I've done some more on the BJD doll but haven't had time to take some pictures as yet but will tomorrow :o))

Also I've made 4 new sculpts none of them any bigger than 5" .... These I will be selling on my site as soon as I get it redesigned... yep that time again LOL I plan on attacking that tomorrow in between sculpting and sewing.... Speaking of sewing I actually made a wee quilt! Not totally finished as yet but I'm very thrilled with it since it's my first :o)) The pattern for it is from Cath Walker and is part of the Teddy Club ... if your wondering what that is, it's a monthly mail out from Cath with Teddy themed stitcheries and projects... she only charges $10. aud ...well worth it as you get so much more value for your buck!! If you want to go have a looksee or contact her about it there's a link to her blog over to the right or click here :o))

Okay so here's the pictures of those wee sculpts and the quilt so far I was talking about earlier... If you are interested in the 2 I have left and can't wait till I get them on my site feel free to email me ...



This wee girl will be $60.00 + shipping

This wee boy will be $50.00 + shipping

Okay thats it from me for now... hope to be posting more pics of the BJD tomorrow ... :o))