BJD Doll test email update!

Okay Guys... this is new for me so hopefully it works LOL ...I'm doing an update via my email ... Hopefully!

Well been a busy weekend I actually got some more on the wee doll done... as you can see in the pic I've got the body done quite roughly but everything lines up so far so thats good... need to do more detailing but will do that a bit further on as I don;t want to do hours of detailing and find out it's not right! ...Have also done a mock up of the hip and knee joints I'm going to try...also made a mold of them since I'd like both right and left to be the same sizes etc.

Well thats it from me today will update again soon as I will be doing more work on her and a few other projects that have been woefully ignored this past week...also have to find my stuffing tool... I need it quite badly ... isn't it funny how you get set in your ways and have your fav tools and if you miss place them boy you just can't get what you want done LOL

Ps... sorry about the pic... took it last night and colour isn't the greatest as you can see :o))