Unicorn Horse tutorial

Okay guys I forgot to put a date on the start of class... It will be starting Tues the 27 Oct ... I wont be starting till then as I will be away Friday through Monday... will be visiting with Sharon nz and also my partner Andrew's family... will be good :o)) so hope to see you all join in and I also want pics of what you do :o)))


last post for today

Well guys haven't I done well ... 3 posts in one day wahoo LOL

Just had a thought I've not really let you all know about what patterns I have for sale on my site! And also wanted to offer you guys a special of sorts so if you'd like one of my patterns ...just email me and say you saw this on my blog and you can have any of my patterns (doesn't include the Teds From Threads patterns) for half the price advertised on my site!

You can visit my site at www.houseofpugish.com

Free pattern

Well since I got talked into making a Unicorn from my Pegasus pattern which is free just click on the images here...download and print to your desired size.... I thought if anyone want to join me in making one I'd pop up the process piccies and instructions as I go!

Should be fun so come on and join in :o))

What you'll need....
Calico about 1/4mtr and matching thread,
Scissors and pencil,
good glue something thick,
black beads about 4mm or what ever size takes your fancy,
Strong thread for attaching beads,
Polymer clay any colour you have as you can paint them after or black to skip painting,
Wool for felting ...I use Merino ...whatever colour you like I've used Purple and looks fantastic and remember this is a mythical creature so any colour goes!!
A needle felting needle .. I like my 38gauge as it felts in wonderfully... make sure you have a few as they do break at times!!
and lastly a good black pencil for highlighting!

Okay thats it so far if I've missed anything I will update!

Well I thought I'd post a few bits of my past works... these guys are needle felted creatures ... I very rarely do needle felting these days. I think I just plain got bored with them... I just couldn't find anything that inspired me to work the wool again ... but since I'm going to be doing an order for one I'd show you some past works...