Day 2

Well guys it was a busy day yesterday not only did I get the first and second parts to the tutorial done (second part coming) but I also got these done.. Toothbrush needles for toothbrush rugs.

One of the girls on our CRAFT yahoo group posted a link to making these rugs and well I had to make the needles since our toothbrushes no longer come with holes in them!! So I made them from Polymer clay, painted them with Genesis heat set paints then covered them in liquid clay to seal all the paint .. I really like how they turned out though they didn't photograph as well as they should ... Link to see what and how to make toothbrush rugs

Front view.

Back view.



  1. Sharon-NZ said...
    fantastic, think this is another craft I shall have to have a go at ....soo many crafts so little time LOL
    Sharon's Place said...
    even less when you keep adding crafts LOL


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