Day 1

Well after much procrastination I've finally done something about getting my blog up and running LOL

I'm Sharon Hawkes formally of Mystical Bears ... I decided a while back that I needed a change in name as I was doing more and more Dolls and other crafty stuff so Mystical Bears didn't fit any born was House of Pugish...slightly pompous but also fun I thought LMAO

I'm hoping this blog will be a fun place for everybody and maybe have a spot of learning as well! If you have other techniques you use don't be shy and comment... Goodness knows we never stop learning:o))

I will be adding a tutorial for needle felting a very cute caterpillar this week (hopefully tomorrow) it will be step by step as I make him/her, so visit regularly so you don't miss out...I will also have some auctions from time to time of what ever I happen to make ... I don't use ebay anylonger as the fee's have just gotten to be astronomical and quite frankly I want my customers to get the best bargin they can!!

If you have any requests be sure to ask me :o))




  1. Cath Ü said...
    As usual everything you do is fantastic..even your blog...
    welcome to blog land and I will definitley be back often...
    Cath Ü
    Sharon's Place said...
    LOL more than welcome any time Cath..
    Sharon 2
    penniebear said...
    love your work you do a great job. cannt wait to follow the tutorial. will check back often keep up the good work
    Karen Mallory said...
    Great blog! Love the picture show. Can't wait for the tutorial! Looks like it is shaping up into a great blog Sharon!
    hugs Karen
    washbridge said...
    Love your work and blog. Will visit it frequently. Wilma
    Khris said...
    Well I finally got here Sharon. Love the colour...very calming. And you know how wonderful I think you and your work are so will pop over regularly..hugs Khris in Oz
    Sharon's Place said...
    Thanks girls for the comments :o)) will get the video and first parts to tutorial on tonight when Andrew gets home :o))

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