Caterpillar Tutorial pt 2

For those that are going quickly here's part 2
Sorry for some of the foggy bits, I was in a zone and forgot to keep what I was doing on the sponge Andrew did a fantastic job of trying to follow me around :o)) What it is to have a partner with patience LOL

There are some added pictures below of the head at different angles to help you out... You don't have to add a mouth as I have if you don't wish to... but give it a go on a spare head just to get a feel for it :o))

Note I did add a little more shape on the sides of the mouth to add a smile..

I haven't used a smaller needle as this point I really don't think I'm going to need to... But that could change.. If your using real wool I would strongly suggest that you do to remove some of the bigger holes made by the courser needle.

Next part will be adding eyes, nose, hair and whatever else I may think he needs LOL



  1. Sharon-NZ said...
    Way to go Andrew, thanks heaps get onto finishing my balls hehe
    penniebear said...
    excellent job of showing detail in how to do this. thank you for taking time to do this I really apprecite it
    Sharon's Place said...
    your very welcome Pennie :o))

    Cath Ü said...
    You know my thoughts... you are a bloody genius woman...LOL
    Cath Ü
    Sharon's Place said...
    LOL.. Thanks Cath! Make sure you save them for when you've got time!!

    Outside the Box Primitives said...
    hey sharon, thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a sweet message!! your felting is awesome!! robin

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