another bjd update

Wow guys I'm on a roll ... another update and not long between LOL
Here's a pic of the face painted ... unfortunately my camera is crap and it doesn't take great piccies ... I did one of the pics in gray scale which I love :o))... you'll note in the colour picture that there is some colour missing on the right eyelid... have fixed that LOL



  1. Diana said...
    looking fantastic mate, looking forward to the fiished product.
    Karen Mallory said...
    She is fantastic Sharon!! You never cease to amaze me with your talent!
    hugs Karen
    Melissa said...
    Aren't you the multi talented one! Can't wait to see her all done up!
    Sharon-NZ said...
    yahooo nearly there my friend - hey I might get to see it when I come up later in the month
    Beeshebags said...
    I had noticed the missing eyeshadow, but just thought it was the "morning after the night before" look! Great work hun. Hugs Naomi

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