Bjd doll skin paint

Right have to remember what I've done since I last posted an update....
Now I did find a couple of things that just didn't sit right after the last test stringing, 1 the right knee joint was not allowing the thigh and lower leg pieces to touch as they should when she's in standing position so rather than digging out the 2 pieces further to make the cups where the joint sits deeper I made that joint just a touch smaller...this worked great and isn't noticeable and I'd be the first to notice it and that would bother me LOL... so after I made that joint smaller I restrung again and found I still had some problems with the right leg... when she stood her right knee would bend...after looking and looking I found the lower right leg was about 2mm longer so she had to have that cut off... safe to say after restringing all was well so I then started painting her skin tone... ended up with a few more problems ..this time not with the doll herself but my mini compressor died ...which isn't surprising as Andrew my partner confessed to dropping it ... so out we went and got a new one which he paid for :o))... well got it home and set it up then found I didn't have the the wee connection needed to attach my air brush gun!! So had to go find one of those and instead found a nice wee new gun which was only $25.00 so was thrilled... got everything hooked up finally and what can I say but that wee cheap gun works better than my imported more costly one LOL

Right after blabbering on here are the pictures I've taken of her as she looks at present ... but I'm now going to sit down and give her some highlights and a bit more of a face... but before that I will clean up around her eyeballs just a bit as there is still a wee bit of paint I've not taken off yet. But once thats done she'll be ready for her last stringing ... Yay!!! :o))
So watch out for more piccies as I'm gonna go for gold and will work on her straight till she's done!

Any questions just ask :o))



  1. Khris said...
    wow you have more patience than a Saint...well done Sharon she is terrific..hugs Khris
    Sharon-NZ said...
    bloody fantastic you clever to have half your talent in the scultping wohooooo way to go

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