What I got up to today :o))

Well guys I actually started and finished a wee creature... not sure what he is but his name is Gimble.
He has a sculpted face which took me ages as I just don't find Character faces easy at all ...but I think I pulled it off LOL
He has a wire body which I needle felted his body and limbs over... well hope you like!!



  1. Khris said...
    WOWser...you are so clever Sharon....well done..hugs Khris
    Karen Mallory said...
    He is great Sharon. Looks like a troll to me!!
    hugs Karen
    Beeshebags said...
    Have you seen the pics of me at the retreat with Aunty Sharon BJD that I managed to disintegrate into pieces???? Bet you're glad I couldn't get my hands on Gimble....I know I am....he's gorgeous...love the punky hair and I love 'freckles' so long as they're not on me! lmao Great work...actually no, it's average work....for you...you have such high standards in comparison to others that something that normally would be brilliant is just average....hope that made sense? Hugs Naomi
    Sharon-NZ said...
    you clever thing - you continually amaze me and you did this after our conversation yesterday flip...

    Ok now you have motivated me to get on with mine eh
    Lois said...
    How very clever you are Sharon, love the cute face.

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