Wahoo... Bjds test string

Well guys and girls here are those 2 bjd dolls I've been slaving over for months now... I'm so thrilled with both of these girls they are posing just as I wanted them to so I'd say I've got the jointing the way I like... just needs a bit more tweaking before I can say they are perfect...but they coming along!
The girls still need feet and hands but they are 90% done having several layers of filler primer ...next though are feet and hands then the painting begins!!



  1. Beeshebags said...
    I'm a puppet on a string! Seriously though S2, they look great. Ya never know, maybe one day I'll get some of those big girl panties and try making one! They're going to look sooooo good when they're finished. Hugs Naomi
    Melissa said...
    Both gorgeous, but I just love the face on the little one!
    Sharon-NZ said...
    wow they are more fantastic than I imagined they would be even seeing them up close.....WOW...you clever chicken
    Karen Mallory said...
    Wow!! They are fabulous Sharon!! What a talent you are!! Can't wait to see them finished. Thought about how you are going to dress them?
    hugs Karen

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