I got a new Camera today YAY!

Well guys I got a new Camera today and just love it to bits... boy does it take fantastic pictures :o)) 
And yep you guessed it I had to post some LOL
This is the camera here... it's a panasonic fz35... isn't she a beauty :o))

these ones I took in the garden as I really wanted to see how the colours came out and was also testing the macro...

These ones are of my half finished Dragon feltie ... he has a lot of tweaking to go yet ... need to straighten up his eyes!

These ones are ones you've already seen but just wanted to show them in a better light so to speak LOL

Next is the flowers I made from Khris Tut ...link can be found in last post :o)) Yes Khris there had to be purple in there LOL

Lastly is the sculpt I'm doing at the present to come along to my interview... I'm applying for a position is this semesters class for a Cert of design and visual Arts ... wish me luck ..thats happening on Tues! Told Andrew I wasn't nervous as I should feel right at home as they will no doubt be as weird as I am LMAO



  1. Sharon-NZ said...
    wooohoooooo you clever pixie, those photos are fabulous - great camera indeed.

    no need to be nervouse as I told you - you will slay em on tuesday - and Captain Caveman said you will as well so there
    Diana said...
    Brilliant pics and crafting Sharon, I have the model below that one, great cameras
    creativedawn said...
    Okay...that camera is to die for! What a difference in the pictures! The dragon is more cute..lol! Good luck and I would hire you...lol...you ROCK! That sculpture is awesome... WOW! you are sooooo TALENTED!!!
    Karen Mallory said...
    Wow Sharon! The piccies are so much better! You can see your dragon!! The scuplture is magnificent!!! I am sure they will be wowed by you!!
    hugs Karen
    Melissa said...
    It sure does take fantastic pictures! Doesn't hurt that you have such pretty things to photograph, either!
    Beeshebags said...
    Great camera....can't wait to see all the new pics you'll be clicking with that beauty. Hugs Naomi

    P.S. I found where the comments had moved to...lol
    Beeshebags said...
    Nah no need to straighten up his eyes....he looks like he's doing the "what you talkin 'bout Willis" look....lol Hugs Naomi

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