Stuff I've been up to...

I've been making a few Christmas pressies lately... I've 2 finished so thought I'd show you all :o))
The first is Eeyore for Andrew's nephew Harper who is now 1 whole yr old... I will be doing another for him it's a Macaw hand puppet so will show piccies when I've done :o))
The second is a very cute Turtle for Andrew's Mum since she just loves Turtles...
Links... Turtle pattern click here.... Eeyore pattern click here


Now the last is an update on the Bjd dolls... I've added the eyes finally to the big one they are the diy eyes and couldn't have been more pleased with the results! So simple to just print out the coloured eye you like and place in the indent then snap the clear over the top!... made hands and feet... she's had numerous coatings of filler/primer and sanded sanded and sanded ... also I reshaped her knees and cut off some of her lower legs ... I think she's almost ready for proper painting and putting together... but will do a test stringing and see who she moves... might have to change the knees again but we will see :o))

Well thats it for now ... will update again soon :o))