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Well hey guys... been a really busy weekend for us, we decided to build our son Alex a playhouse... boy it was intimidating for us since we have never built any structure before LOL least not in wood!

Alex is pretty excited to get it finished ...we just have to get some more wood for the roof ... probably another 1hr and half at the timber yard with the poor guy there trying his damnedest to work out what we need from my description and measurements LOL

Here's some pic's of the work in progress we've still got the roof and all the edgings to go but it doesn't look too bad for a couple of novices like us :o))

Alex taking measure LOL

Alex seeing if he can possibly us the windows to climb through instead of the door!

Gema our dog also enjoying the house... thinking when Alex grows out of it it could be Gema's dog kennel LOL

I have to say my partner Andrew did a great job since he had to cut all those framing pieces and weather board by hand with a hand saw LOL

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  1. Sharon-NZ said...
    ok looking great there, way to go you two little carpenters

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