Tutorial Pt 4

Well girls I'm sorry this is later than I said... My only excuse is I decided to do some more to it before I uploaded LOL

Okay to finish off the head he needs some antenna ...to do this I felted 8 very small balls a little bigger than his nose... Sharon time to get those forceps out LOL
Once you've done the balls string them together ...remember create character by making one or both not straight!! Then using the same method as attaching his hair needle felt a tuft on each of them.

That ends the head for now... Lets get cracking on the body...

String the balls of the body together knotting the thread on each side of the balls... When you've done that make another 6-8 balls..half felt these and then felt to the bottom of body for legs... Use the muzzle attachment method to felt them on... once you have them in place felt the bottoms flat so he can stand unassisted..

That's it for this part ... next one is about to follow!!



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